Issue 90 Nov 2020

Issue 90 Nov 2020

project europa“There,” said Gabby, pointing at the enlarged touch screen hovering over the scaled model of Europa. “Our sensors picked up a surprising surge of energy, both electromagnetic and thermal.”

Professor Linx studied the location Gabby pointed out. Her eyes narrowed, thinking. “Any indication of movement? Patterns of migration?”

“Not that we recognized,” said Miles, the other intern on the Europa Project.

“In fact, I’d say they’re localized.” Gabby pressed her hands on the edge of the table that held the model to keep them from shaking. This discovery was enormous.

“Incredible.” Professor Linx took off her glasses--in a habit that Gabby now recognized-- and polished them on the corner of her linen shirt. She looked at the two interns. “Call Max and Isa. We’re suiting up.”

Gabby’s eyes lit up. “We’re going out?”

Mr. B,

Here’s the college application essay I need you to look over. You should be proud of me—it’s my third draft. I tried to use my unique voice that nobody else has, just like you taught us. And Langston said let the page come out of you and then it will be true, right? Well, this story IS true, and it’s my story—it’s really who I am. Although, I did throw in a few of those S.A.T. vocabulary words because I wanted them to know I could actually USE them, not just memorize them for a test. So, thumbs-up or thumbs-down?




In 600 words or fewer, tell how your family has helped you determine and/or achieve your goals.

When six police officers come to arrest my half-brother Trace, he tells them right off that his ball python has gotten loose in the house. They don’t know whether he’s prevaricating or not.

They throw him down on the rug and cuff him, and he’s yelling, “Apophis is loose!”


“My python! I just seen he was gone when y’all busted in here!”