Issue 58 Mar 2018

Issue 58 Mar 2018

Somebody's Riley by Miriam Thor“It’s over,” Logan said to the girl sitting across from him. Megan, Morgan… something like that. He never could keep track of their names.

“W-w-what?” she stammered as a tear slipped down her cheek. Logan sighed and forced himself not to roll his eyes. He’d noticed that tended to make them cry harder.

“It’s over,” he repeated with exaggerated enunciation as he stood up.

“I don’t understand,” she said to his retreating back. “I thought you loved me.” Then, she covered her face with her hands and sobbed.

Deciding he was far enough away to avoid being used as a human handkerchief, Logan allowed himself to roll his eyes. No matter how many times he went through this, he never got over how gullible girls could be. He’d only been with what’s-her-name for a month. How could she possibly believe he loved her? And yet she did, just like all the others. Maybe the entire gender was just defective.

“Hey, Logan,” Riley said, walking up.

Logan smiled at his best friend. Okay, so maybe not the whole gender, just most of it.

“Hey Ri,” he said.

She eyed him calculatingly. “So, whose heart did you break this time?”

The Haircut by Bridget WeldonShannon finished brushing away the hair around her chair and smiled at the girl heading her way. The girl smiled shyly, without making eye contact, and stood awkwardly by the chair.

“Hi, Lily,” Shannon said brightly. “Take a seat.”

Lily obeyed, clutching her phone to her stomach as if she could force it to become another organ. She even flinched when Shannon started to put a cloak around her.

“You’ve never been here before, right?” Shannon asked.

Lily shook her head.

“Awesome. So what are we going to do today?”

“Um, I want this, please. The cut and color.”

She held up her phone for Shannon to inspect the picture.

“I have others, too,” Lily said, and scrolled through a series of virtually identical pictures.