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Silent by Ciera Miller

Silent by Ciera Miller“Hey loser.”

His back to the sunshine, he shifted the weight of his backpack between both shoulders.

“Are your ears made of rubber or something, dork?”

He kept walking. I noticed the stares when he came by, then whispering. I turned in the opposite direction.

Busy. I’m busy…..

He was still there; I couldn’t deny it. I tried to pretend I couldn’t hear the taunts aimed at him. Somehow the fact that he was actually the one who couldn’t hear didn’t make what I was doing feel less like a crime. No, it made me feel more like a criminal for doing nothing to stop what was happening.

Busy. I’m busy….

A thud captured my attention and I looked back, balancing my books in front of me. The victim had fallen and was attempting to gather his things as the boy and two others laughed and kicked his stuff around. My feet twitched in their direction. Conviction pounded in my chest.

Busy. I’m busy…..

I watched, said nothing, then ducked my head, pretending not to see…..

“Trish!” a young girl’s voice calls me to the present. “Listen to this!” Her smile gives away the excitement that cannot be seen in her eyes. She brushes her fingers across the patterned bumps, speaking out what her tiny fingers are now able to detect. Her voice grows with enthusiasm as words escalate into a climax and become a story for her to express.

No matter how many blind and deaf children I have had the opportunity to lead into the world of learning, I’m continually surprised by how the smallest mistakes of the past can be the most haunting.

“….Trish?” her voice hints at a question that I totally missed.

I shake myself again. Focus.

I’m busy.

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