Issue 10 Feb 2014

Issue 10 Feb 2014

Death in 3D by William Quincy BelleDennis stood on the doorstep and rang the bell. He idly looked across the wide expanse of the front lawn to the country laneway. Suddenly he heard the telltale clicks of the lock being opened and the handle turned. The door swung opened and Wilson waved him in. "Come on in, Dennis. I'm just finishing up. Mom and Dad are away this weekend so this would be an excellent time for a test."

Dennis stepped in and shut the door as Wilson disappeared down the corridor. Dennis could hear the whirring of a machine in a back room. As he walked down the hall, he made note of the folded pieces of cardboard stacked against a wall along with several large pieces of Styrofoam. The noise got louder as he came to what constituted a workshop.

His friend Wilson was hunched over a grey machine, the source of the noise, set up on a sturdy metal table.

Studying Shakespeare by B. Lee DraperI bet you’re wondering how I came to be here, crammed into a mental hospital with the crazies. You’ll notice I didn’t say other crazies because I’m not crazy at all; I’m as sane as you are. And I’m going to tell you how I ended up here so you don’t suffer the same fate. Not only am I sane, I’m a nice guy. Didn’t expect to find that in the loony bin did you?

It all started a month ago, when I first heard the voice. I was in the library looking for a book on some guy called Shakespeare. Okay, okay I know he’s not just some guy, he’s the guy. I hadn’t read any of his stuff though. Why would I? Comics were more my scene. Our English teacher, Mrs. Pleasant, loved this Shakespeare fella though and our major term paper was to write an alternative ending to Romeo & Juliet. Have you read that stuff? I hadn’t but Mrs. Pleasant had quoted plenty of it during class; all those thees, thous and verilys made my head spin, I knew I needed help.