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Friday, 13 September 2013 19:04

Bufflye by Jennifer George: Chapter 4

Chapter Four - Busted

All that long summer, Momma worked all day, stayed out most of the night, and ordered us around like she was a boss and not our mother whenever she was home. She growled in frustration when Sydney made messes. She wouldn’t color anymore, not even faking it like she used to do. And she always smelled like the bad smoke. She also started drinking little bottles of what she told Sydney was grownup Kool-aid in the mornings after she got home and finished her daily routine of barfing into the toilet and asking me to bring her ice water. We didn’t have an ice cube tray, so I could only give her cold water from the tap. It made her barf more sometimes, but I wasn’t sorry. I knew full well what that special Kool-aid was because I could read the labels for myself. I knew how bad that stuff was for you. They told us at school. But what could I do about it? She was no longer on our side. She was on Justin’s side.

The Problem with Fairies by Crystalee CalderwoodAs soon as the lights went out, the whispering started. It was the whispering of a hundred fairies scattered throughout my room. Earlier that evening, twenty-five of them had flocked around my lamp as I sat doing my homework. There were at least thirty under my bed, sitting with their legs crossed, filing their nails with tiny nail files. The rest of them fluttered around the room as if they had just consumed a large latte.

Have you ever heard a hundred fairies whisper? It starts as a slow buzzing between a few and eventually works its way up to a loud chattering as they all flitter around the room.

I covered my ears with the pillow and tried to ignore them, but they only got louder and louder. 

“I can’t take it anymore!” I screamed into the darkness. The whispering stopped right away. “What do you want?”

The lamp snapped on. One of the fairies sat on its base and smiled. I was surprised that she had figured out how to press the button. 

“You’ve forgotten us,” she said in a voice so soft I had to lean over to hear her. “You used to see us all the time, but you’ve forgotten about us now.”

I groaned and rubbed my eyes, hoping to wake up from some sort of weird dream. “Listen,” I said. “I got busy, okay? Being a teenager does that to you.” 

The fairies all crossed their arms and pouted at once. I closed my eyes in a desperate attempt to make them go away. 

Somehow, I managed to fall asleep that night, even with the fairies whispering about me. When I woke up the next morning, they were still there, dancing on my desk to the buzz of my alarm clock.

Published in Issue 5 August 2013
Monday, 19 August 2013 19:05

Bufflye by Jennifer George: Part 2

Chapter Two - The Summer of the Closet

Bufflye by Jennifer GeorgeBy summer, Momma had a job again. She worked thirty-five hours a week checking groceries at The Pig. Momma had said the pay was less than it had been at the nursing home, but somehow we were still doing fine. There were always crackers in the cabinet and plenty of stuff in the fridge, and Sydney's shoes were brand new. Momma had even bought me some new shorts and T-shirts, and a huge book full of pictures of butterflies for Sydney. Better than all of that, she worked from noon until seven o'clock. We had mornings to play outside together at the playground behind our apartment building. Of course, I was too old to really play, but it was so nice having my mother around, I didn't complain. Momma was happy and not so stressed out all the time. She could walk to work because The Pig was one block away. She loved taking walks in the fresh air and sunshine, and work was done before sunset. We ate late dinners together. Syd was thrilled to get to stay up later, now that Momma was home at night. I kind of missed the quiet time by myself at night, but only a little part of me felt that way.

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