Flash Size limit: 200 to 999 words (pays $3/flash)

Short Story Size limit: 1000 to 8,000 words (pays $8/story)

Long Story Size limit: 8,001 to 20,000 words (pays $15/long story)

In addition to the payments, there is a bonus of $2 per flash, story or long story for accepting payment via PayPal.

Youth Imagination is interested in creative fiction stories by teens as well as by adult authors. Make the stories awesome, inspiring and engaging. Our goal is to publish the best writing for and by teens. We particularly love stories exploring their issues, such as bullying, drugs, romance, school, parental issues, teacher issues, etc., as well as about the grit and character of teens and young adults.

We accept most genres of fiction, including modern, urban or classical fantasy, as well as sci-fi, slipstream, literary, action-adventure or suspense.All stories must be submitted through our submission page at Submittable. Stories submitted via email will be deleted without being read.

General guidelines common to all of our publications:

Give us something unexpected and well written.  Technique, voice, characterization, and language will all play a part in our decision to publish.  Amaze us with your writing, use of language, sense of story, and memorable characters.  Give us a story readers will not be able to forget and will eagerly recommend to others. 

If you want us to take your work seriously, please edit and proofread carefully prior to submission.  Manuscripts with significant typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors—where we feel compelled to grab a red pen after reading the first couple of pages—will likely be rejected outright without being read further.  The following are “hard sells” here:

  • Stories possessing several of the cliché elements listed here.
  • Fan Fiction
  • Anthropomorphism (Please query prior to submitting a story about a talking cat, or bird, or dog, or whatever)
  • Porn (Tasteful erotica may be considered by FA, but you must inquire first).

Our editorial policies respect the artistic license of our authors.  However, there are occasions when changes are needed that go beyond basic spelling, grammar, and punctuation corrections. In any case, the author will always be given final approval, prior to publication, over substantial edits made by our staff. We appreciate your willingness to work with us in this regard.

Format and Deadlines

All submissions should…

  • Have 1 inch margins, single spaced lines, with extra space between paragraphs
  • Refrain from using fancy headers or footers, text effects, background colors or images.
  • Use a standard font (Arial, Calibri, Times Roman, Courier) in 10, 11 or 12 point size.

Three of our publications come out once a quarter, in the first week of the months below:

  • Silver Blade:  February, May, August, and November
  • Fabula Argentea:  January, April, July, and October
  • Liquid Imagination: March, June, September and December

We have one publication that is published monthly:

  • Youth Imagination is published on the 21st of every month.

Submissions for upcoming issues cut off roughly a month before the publication date. We read submissions continuously and all works that arrive after a cut-off date will remain in the queue for the following issue. We try to respond within two months of receiving a submission. Please inquire on status after 60 days if you have not received a response from us.

Rights and Royalties (revised January 27, 2014)

Silver Pen pays a flat fee of $8 for short stories and poems, $3 for flash, $15 to $25 for Longer Stories (7500 to 20,000 words), and $25 for Featured Poets (invitation only). A $2 bonus will be added for authors who accept payment via Paypal (which shall be the assumed payment method unless you specifically state otherwise). Note: Only authors in the United States have the option of receiving a mailed echeck. Everyone else MUST use PayPal or forfeit payment.

In exchange, we require:

For previously unpublished WORK

The AUTHOR grants First World Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Anthology Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Archival Rights to the PUBLISHER

For previously published WORK

The AUTHOR grants World Reprint Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Non-exclusive Anthology Rights to the PUBLISHER.

The AUTHOR grants Archival Rights to the PUBLISHER

  • Assurance that submitted work is not currently published elsewhere (including freely accessibly “public” Internet sites);
  • Authors must warrant that they are the sole author of the work, that the work is original, and that no other entity has reserved the rights required by Silver Pen for publication;
  • Authors must warrant that the work does not contain libelous material or material copyrighted by another party.

Other important Points

  • Pieces posted for critique on a controlled-access website (user ID and password required to access) do not count as “published.”
  • submissions –at— silverpen.org is used solely for author communication and inquiries. Writers are strongly encouraged to add it to their trusted sender email address list.
  • All submissions must be submitted through our Submittable web page. Works sent to submissions –at— silverpen.org will be deleted without reading them.
  • We allow simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if your work has been accepted elsewhere. We are an all-volunteer organization and our time is limited.
  • Multiple submissions are welcome, but we will not publish more than one piece by an author in any single issue (exception: Poetry submissions to SB). 
  • If you use Duotrope, please remember to report your responses. It helps keep us honest.




Dr. Sue Babcock spent years and years as an engineer, living like a troll in a dark hole under a rock in the broad expanse of the Rio Grande valley. For decades she'd peer out at the gaudy, dazzling world around her, then scurry back into her comfortable darkness where she researched, constructed, supervised and wrote (dry, technical) reports. One day a dragon visited her valley, and its fiery breath and incendiary heat shattered Sue's protective rock. She closed her eyes for a heartbeat before trying to climb on that dragon's back. Someday she will succeed.

She's a manager at Silver Blade, the publisher for Liquid Imagination and for Youth Imagination, and is on the Board of Directors of the Silver Pen Writers' Association. Mostly retired, she delights in writing short stories, especially stories of human failings, and when she remembers to submit, she even occasionally gets published.


Kellee Kranendonk, an Atlantic Canadian, has spent a life time writing. According to her late grandfather she was born with a pen in one hand and paper in the other. Only after she married, had kids and the youngest started school, however, did she start taking her writing seriously. Her first step was to take a course with ICL (Intsitute of Children's Literature). She already had the talent, she just needed to fine tune it. Her first publication after finishing the course was "Ravens in the Family" (a true experience piece), published with an Atlantic Canadian magazine, Rural Delivery.

Inspired by the things around her: family, nature and a love of fantasy and sci-fi, she continued to write and get published. Soon after that, she joined an online critique group and an online writers' group. When the critique group fizzled out, Kellee took matters into her own hands and started her own critique group which is still active today. This and many other critique groups can be found at Authors by Design.

The writers' group changed hands and eventually Kellee became the manager of The Children's Book Writers' Café. It was a way for her to help and encourage new writers, to share her experiences and knowledge with others, and to meet other struggling writers. The Café too soon went the way of the dinosaurs, so when Kellee found Silver Pen, she knew it was a way to carry on what she'd started at the Café.

Kellee is an avid reader with many interests: sci-fi, fantasy, sports humour, stories about angels, rock groups and young adult fiction. Though many of her published stories are children's, she's had adult publications as well. "The Test", a story blending hockey and fantasy, and the poem "Once Upon A Hockey Night" being her most recent. More about Kellee can be found at Kellee Kranendonk's Silver Pen site.

Silver Pen Writers' AssociationAbout Silver Pen

The Silver Pen Writers' Association, an IRS recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, was conceived and created to help all writers: novice, experienced, young, or old. Anyone or any organization with a writing monster begging for attention can be a member.

The primary objective of this organization is to promote and provide assistance to creative writers through peer review, outreach programs, writers’ workshops, surveys, conferences, symposiums, blogs, internet tools, and forums.


Silver Pen's Mission Statement:

The members of Silver Pen firmly believe that every person is a potential author. Our purpose is to assist writers of all ages in poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction to produce quality work and to help them develop successful writing careers.

The combination of Silver Pen and YI Magazine is a new concept in online fiction. We encourage and fosters creative writing, and especially writing by younger authors - teens,  preteens and young adults. We also encourage writing for this young audience, and love to see great stories by adult authors, too. When stories are developed and workshopped, there's always the questions, what's next? We have the "what's next" right here - a magazine that focuses on the creative writing by, and for, our youth, sparking their imagination.

Youth Imagination is owned by Silver Pen Writers' Association.

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I understand that Youth Imagination is owned by Silver Pen, a non-profit organization (501(c)3), and its primary goal is to provide services to preteen and teen writers.

I promise that I will treat my fellow members with dignity and respect. I will use appropriate, civil, and professional language in my messages, forum posts, and story comments. I will maintain high standards of decorum, as befits members of a creative community, in my interactions with other members of this site. Story review comments are expected to be constructive, positive, and supportive of fellow members.

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